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Hindi Medium

we provide hindi medium course for those students who are interested in Hindi


We provide Library facilities for collection of sources of information of students.


We provide transportation facilities for students in minimum Charges.

English Medium

Now-a-days english has been an impotent role in our daily life.It is the massive means of communication. So keep it in mind we Provide english medium course for students.

Day Boarding

We provide day boarding facilities for .....
1.Solving of academic difficulties.
2.Revision of class work.
3.Supervision of home work


A playground is a place specifically designed to enable children to play there. It is typically outdoors. While a playground is usually designed for children.

Our Skills

there is fallowing skills

Creativity and imagination


Collaboration and teamwork


Graphic Organizers


Utilizing Technology in the Class


Why People like us?

Teaching Strategy

Teaching strategies refer to methods used to help students learn the desired course contents and be able to develop achievable goals in the future. Teaching strategies identify the different available learning methods.

Computer Knowledge is the ability to use computers and related technology efficiently , with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.
Establish a culture of inclusion and respect that welcomes all students. Reward students when they show thoughtfulness and respect for each other, adults and the school.
'Practical knowledge' is roughly defined as knowledge that does and shall (from a normative, prudential or moral, point of view) motivate to act in a certain way.
Inquiry-based learning strategies are used to engage students to learn by asking questions, investigating, exploring, and reporting what they see. ,

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Meating:  Parents meating on 8 sept 2017
(9.00 Am to 11.00 Am)

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    Day Boarding
    Hindi Medium
    English Medium


    Reading opportunities
    A Sense of Community
    Extracurricular Activities
    Highly Qualified Teachers
    A variety of assessment tools
    Higher Education in Minimum Charge


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