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Mr. S.S. Lal Srivastava

Dear everyone welcome to the bright brains family
Thank you for visiting our website years ago i saw a dream to start an institution that shall be committed to providing quality education in year 2005 my dream became true I have established bright brains public colleges with the help of my family.

"BRIGHT BRAINS PUBLIC COLLEGIATE" shall always endeavour to live up to its great ideas of importing the best education developing a sound moral character and high intellectual sense with emphasis on duties of every child towards the nation and follow Indians to promote in them the spirit of Unity hard work and fraternity. Instead of only grinding the students through the prescribed syllabus to the curriculum has been widened by offering a fairly wide variety of leisure pursuits in order to provide outlets for creative activity. The school encourages pupils to participate in extra circular activities which are held in the institution from time to time. We strive to generate in our children a belief in the finer things of life like truthfulness, discipline , self confidence tolerance ,courtesy etiquettes, honesty and all that is needed to live fruitful lives.

We solicit the help support suggestious and co-operation of the parents in order to maintain the standard of the institution so that with each passing day it goes on notching higher and higher levels of efficiency and scaling new Heights.

Thank you