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Mr. Som Prakash Srivastava

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The true essence of education is not just assisting an individual to lead and practice a life of spiritual and mental perfection of high order if education was to be viewed in parochial terms, serving the purpose of a harmful within territorial boundary, civilization, world would not have advanced to the present standard with nature, breath through science, technology and their investigation and invention for men betterment.

This was observed and felt, may method of dominate this melody have been taken up with great favour and enthusiasm by education to the meaning of education through preparing a body. This has been experimented by adopting anew education policy in which endeavours is to provide greater evanuance individual to empress and bring forth his/her talents and aptitudes. This natural give and take can only be erected in this strong foundation of trust and kinship by raising ourselves above cast creed race religion and region the hurdles in a developing society. The "BRIGHT BRAINS PUBLIC COLLEGIATE" is situated at Begaria Road, Near Dubagga Sabzi Mandi, Lucknow in 2005 is my achievement to introduce modern and advance education with the help of technical education, culture awareness to cover the standard status and level of all kinds of the people to face the society menace to mend.

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