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We provide Library facilities for collection of sources of information of students.


We provide transportation facilities for students in minimum Charges.

English Medium

Now-a-days english has been an impotent role in our daily life.It is the massive means of communication. So keep it in mind we Provide english medium course for students.

Day Boarding

We provide day boarding facilities for .....
1.Solving of academic difficulties.
2.Revision of class work.
3.Supervision of home work


A playground is a place specifically designed to enable children to play there. It is typically outdoors. While a playground is usually designed for children.

-- What our parents says --

Bright Brains Public Collegiate is very good for my child and I find that she is enjoying Here very much.The teachers has good lesson plans and make lessons excitable and engaging. A new world to explore all your skills wow.

Mr. Satish Kumar

Bright Brains Public Collegiate is more than a school it is a welcoming learning environment that embraces the entire family the excellent teachers and administrators . Such an extraordinary is situation a home for learning a place of security

Mrs. Punam Sharma

Bright Brains Public Collegiate is a wonderful School that neutrons and develops the entire child into adulthood. we moved from a different school and what a difference my son is in the first grade and me absolutely satisfied with the second staff